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Using the portals the customers can quickly access the services and information of various organizations. It is not widely known, however, that the portals can also be used to manage the internal structure and processes of the organization. They shorten the distance between the subsidiaries and daughter organizations, eliminate the need to use the "information printed on paper", and add to the productivity of the employees of the organization. It can be said that the portals allow the customers and the employees to use centralized (universal) information resources. The "Penki kontinentai" has integrated the "I-manager" system developed for the Web page structure and content management into hundreds of internet projects.

These are a few examples: - Vilija Blinkeviciute - Lithuanian Paralympic Committee - Kazakhstan Embassy website in Lithuania - Vilnius Police Club for children and young people – „Naujoji sajunga“ page advertisement – Lithuanian Assay Office – Web page of Valerij Tretjakov, the Member of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (available since 17/05/2004) – Junior Chamber Lithuania (available since 07/01/2004) – Homeland People's Party – the New Union (Social Liberals) – Web page of Artūras Paulauskas, the Chaiman of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (available since 20/11/2002) – the Web page dedicated to the election campaign of Giedrė Kvieskienė – Lithuanian and Russian Collaboration Charity and Support Fund of Jurgis Baltrusaitis – A. Adamkiene Charity and Support fund (available since 26/09/2003) - Sentykių Pamario Church in Lithuania - Lithuanian Traditional Karate-Do Federation - Lithuanian music - entertainment television program - UAB “REZETAS” Wholesale trade in building materials, furniture materials - UAB „Arkietė“ one of the main dishes and cookware importer of Lithuania, the French factory authorized ARC International - Disabled sports club and day care – „Raganiukės“ theater – VšĮ Lietuvos aplinkos apsaugos investicijų fondas (available since 20/10/2003) – Life insurance company BONUM PUBLICUM – Status Financian Industrial Group – E-business and Law Center (available since 12/02/2004) – – Lithuanian Customers Cooperation Union – Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists – Business Information Center of Šakiai – Real estate Agency "Pastogė jums" (available since 14/07/2004) – manufacturer of the concrete products "Semtu" (available since 28/11/2003) – „Plasta“ – "Darbas" (available since 02/05/2003) – "Baltijos vaizdinė reklama" (available since 18/04/2002) – exhibition "AgroBalt" – tourism agency "Senamiesčio gidas" (available since 20/02/2004) – Lithuanian youth and student travel center (available since 05/05/2003) – Lihuanian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (available since 02/12/2003) – Web site on skin diseases – Seskinės polyclinic – Social Communication Institute – Vilnius nursery-school "Gandriukas" (available since 24/10/2003) – Litovskij kurjer" (Russian) electronic version – „"Penki kontinentai" event center – Web site dedicated for Olympic Games (available since 09/08/2004) - internet magazine – book by the journalist Vilius Kavaliauskas "For Merits to Lithuania" (available since 10/04/2003) – Lithuanian theater portal – Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum (available since 12/03/2003) – internet site of the film director Audrius Stonys – Website of the Platinum film by A. Matelis and A. Stonys "Flight over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence"

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